We don’t conceive the act of building as simply stacking a few bricks and fixing a sheet of corrugated steel on top.

AIn all of our projects, we follow a three steps process :

– The first step is to observe. We meet local actors, determine their exact needs while taking into account their traditions, culture and native construction methods. Our project needs to strike a perfect balance between traditional architecture and earthquake resistant structures.

– Secondly, we study the situation. With all the information gathered on site, we come up with a design that answers not only the needs of the project (square footage, orientation…) but also those of its stakeholders (partner associations, government,…) as well as taking into account the challenges of the site (topography, earthquake prone area…)

– The third step is building. During this phase, we train community members on earthquake-resistant construction methods. A team of professionals is present on site from the very beginning to the completion of the project. They supervise the building site. Each volunteer is a European professional from the construction sector.

This three step process makes every project unique and helps build a virtuous long-term relationship with the local communities.