Our given knowledge - the help to the construction

The main objective: to participate in the reconstruction of disaster areas - to build for deprive them

Principal service : Construction

The main objective: participate in the reconstruction of stricken zones – build for deprive them
This service can come in three parts
– The program: defined in common with the populations premises to meet their needs. However we impose us rules defined, that is: make a project of general interest. The projects will thus concentrate on the construction of schools, health centers, public places and public sanitar.
– The learning and the education with people on the spot. Our stay there low is going to allow us to learn on the traditional techniques and the use of materials a lot in situ. But Rock n Wood is also going to propose its know-how. Our objective is to teach the use and the construction of various sustainable energies to aim towards a self-sufficiency of villages in question. Finally, the contribution of our diverse knowledge on the constructive techniques is essential, in particular on the shell, the earthquake-resistant notions, the contreventement, etc….
– Put our skills in the service of this project. For it we propose the skills that we acquired during our professional studies and exercises. By it we hear(understand) the technical drawing, the conception(design) of project, the technical details, the calculations…

The management of the project

To be the closer of needs and be the most coherent with the local populations, we offer our service(department) in the first one as for the management of the project.
We offer a follow-up of construction site(work) to allow to make sure of the feasibility and the quality so very structural as esthetic.

Propose a long-lasting approach

Our services aim at proposing at best a long-lasting approach.
For it we focus our approach by taking into account diverse points which seem to us essential according to our ideals.
In this approach, we understand the respect for the tradition and for the local culture, the sustainable aspect of the construction and the proposont a project leading to a self-sufficiency.

Supply with the material

Working especially for public infrastructures, it seemed to us coherent to complete the construction of these by a contribution in supplies.
This contribution will be essentially for schools and libraries. That’s why the material supplies will be books with purpose educational for schools and books in English for libraries, but also exercise books, cases, paper, chalks, and all the material which teaching staffs on places will need.

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