• During this first phase, we’ll be in partnership with a NGO. This partnership will enable us to live on the construction site while being accompanied by professionals. It will also enable to discover all the mecanisms, dificulties and the different ways to manage an association in Nepal. During this phase, the team will work a lot on the follow up of the construction site: pay attention to earthquake regulations and the delivery of the final project.
  • During the second phase, we’ll use the experience gained during phase one to carry out the project we started by ourselves. The objective is to build our partnership directly with locals to propose a project with them. The objective here is to reach financial and project management independance.

Our NGO’s objectives

The main objective is to participate in the reconstruction of areas hit by natural disasters and to help populations in need. We wish to realize responsible and sustainable architecture. To ensure this, local materials will be used for the construction. We will take the culture, traditions and religions of people into account by adapting to the local style of housing. By doing this, the needs of the indigenous population will be central to the project.

The project will be carefully placed into the landscape and into the local architecture. The building progress will use local construction techniques, but we will also ensure that the building is earthquake-resistant.

personal objectives

Our team went into this project with shared personal objectives. After our studies, we wanted to participate in our own adventure by creating an association rooted into our wish to help those most in need.
Starting this project represents the first stage towards our professional life. Originally we did not decide on a final goal, strictly speaking. Our desires were to discover common interests and to learn from another culture that has different constructive systems and materials than we have.

The focal points in our agreement to carry out our mission are connection with the locals, respect for the traditions and the architectural landscape.

Our NGO’s future

Currently the focus of the association lies with the reconstruction in Nepal, but the object of the statuses specifies a more general purpose:
”The object of this association is to intervene in those areas of the globe that are in need, specifically following natural disasters or when the living conditions are precarious. The main mission is aimed at construction.”
As a result of this statement, the association will turn other the regions of the world that are most deprived. We hope for proper and sustainable development of this long-term organization.


création of NGO
conception of a school

research for supplies


This leitmotiv is very important for us, because it gives us the opportunity to live our dream. By creating our association we combine two shared interests: traveling and helping others.
With this opportunity being offered to us, we had to jump on it. As a result it is no longer a dream, but an adventure.