The visibility of our project and our association is very important. Our objective is to make sensitive a maximum of people in our activities and our results.
For that purpose, we try to have a maximum of contact with the media: press written, media radios, media broadcast and other internet media.

If you know media which could be interested and made sensitive by our project, do not hesitate to give us the contacts.


  • LMTV – Intensément Sarthe

Pascal Brulon nous a interviewé sur son plateau le 25/02.

Intensément Sarthe du 25/02/2016 – Partie 2 par lmtvsarthe-wizdeo

  • France 3 Maine – 19/20

Marc Yvard nous a interviewé au siège social pour présenter l’association.


  • Radio cartable FM

Mamadi Sangare shared the 24th feb 2016 in the “coup de coeur” the NGO Rock’n Wood.

  • Radio France Bleu Maine

Thanks to Charlotte Bouinot from France Bleu Maine for the interview : 11th feb.

  • Radio Alpa

Maxime Bonhommet from Radio Alpa made an interview the 26th jan.


  • Ouest France

Mamadi Sangare, journalist of Ouest France made an interview. Soon print.

  • Maine Libre

Alexandre Sepré, journaliste of Maine Libre made an interview. Soon print.

  • Vitav’

Camille Poupault de vital nous a interviewé et écrit un bel article sur le site. Je vous invite à le découvrir. Cliquez ICI pour lire l’article.

  • Nantes, ma ville qui bouge
  • Pauline Sarrat write an article in her blog, read it and share it.