Tax receipts will be sent via email every January (tax return scheduled between March and April). If you wish to receive before, please notify us in the “comments” section. The first form is only for credit card payment. The forms for the other methods of payment are at the bottom of the page.

Real amount spend from your company after tax exemption 60% : exemple for a donation of 1000 €, the real amount is 400 €


Name of the company (mandatory)

Name of the director (mandatory)

Adress (mandatory)

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Amount of the donation

Payment mode

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diffrents payment issus :

  • Transfert

Fill the form.
Account name : Rock’n Wood
Address : Creditcoop Le Mans
IBAN : FR76 4255 9000 5241 0200 4017 756

Do the transfer from your bank account

  • Check

Fill the form.
Send the donation to the address just under*:
address : Rock’n Wood
51, rue de la Mariette
72000 Le Mans

How to donate

This endeavour is impossible without you and your donations. If you trust us, if you believe in us as well as our project then feel free.

  • Company
    • Impôt sur le revenu; 66% du montant du don sera déduit de votre montant imposable dans une limite* de 20% de celui-ci
      legifrance – loi


Naturally, we need your contact details to send you your tax receipt. According to the 1978 Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés), you are entitled to access, change and delete any data about you.
To exercise your right, contact us at:
Rock’n Wood
51 Rue de la Mariette
72000 LE MANS

All the information needed for the tax receipts will of course remain confidential.


Our website is made 100% safe by the Helloasso company.
All the banking details required for the payment are totally safe. They will never be kept on our computer systems.

The Rock’n Wood organization will be happy to answer any question you might have. You may contact us by email at