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  • The membership as ” classic member ” will allow you to follow our activity in a approached way, that is to attend the General assemblies where you will have a voting right.
  • The association set up a new status: “ambassador”. If you believe in us and if you wish to put a lot more, This status can be attributed to you. Your mission would then be to contribute to the fame of the association to favor the donations and the sponsorships, our 1st source of funding.


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About you

How to become a member ?

To become member of the Rock association n Wood, you just have to fill the form below. We shall study your request and bring you an answer by e-mail. Since your membership will be accepted, you will just have to pay your registration : 25€.

Regulation to become a member :

The council rules during each of its meetings on the presented applications for admission.
Further to a positive answer of the application for admission, the future member will have to pay a contribution of 25 euro first year, and of 10 euro then.

Exclusion : 

As indicated to the article 8 of the statutes, the exclusion from a member can be pronounced by the council, for grave motive.

Payment contribution :

  • With CB

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Account holder : Rock’n Wood
Banking domiciliation : Creditcoop Le Mans
IBAN : FR76 4255 9000 5241 0200 4017 756

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Send the donation at this adresse*:
Bank order : Rock’n Wood
51, rue de la Mariette
72000 Le Mans